The story behind Lovage and Rosemary

My food truck was created my of love for cooking, nature and travels. Cooking for the dear ones is one of the most amazing gifts you can give to people you care about.
I believe that good food connects people. Well prepared and cooked food gives people happiness and energy to live, it gives them clear thoughts and desire to live.
When I prepare the food for you, there is a stream of love, and gratitude flowing through my hands. I feel deeply grateful and joyful that Nature gave us such amazing gifts I can use in my food.
This is my food.
I want to create this magical, love-filled food for You and the people important to you, people You care about. Whether those will be your family, friends or employers.
My food is Magical. I believe that molecularly structured food can create miracles. This is wonderful cosmic energy that flows from my hands into the food that I create with love and passion.
My food is my gift that I wish to share with You. I want to give you happiness, health and energy!
Through everything, I do we want to create amazing and tasty food. Taking as much as possible from natural and local products. I believe that you can enjoy a delicious and healthy meal everywhere. This is why I created Lovage and Rosemary, and this is why everything I do I do with love and passion!
Would you like to try how the food made with love taste like? Or hire us to create something special for You and the ones you care about? Drop us a message on Facebook or write us an email about what you need and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Beata Skorek

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Why not take your tastebuds on a magical journey with our love-filled food?

Lovage and Rosemary -Food Truck-  is a family run restaurant on wheels. Hungry? Why not take your tastebuds on a magical journey with our love-filled food. We are huge proponents of conscious eating. Emmerse all your senses and creating unforgetable expirience. In Lovage and Rosemary we not only use just natural ingridients, and pure osmo-filtered water, we also use special mats to molecullary structure the water and food we are feeding you. 

I love creating amazing dishes! So I stay flexible with the menu.

Catering for private events is something I love doing – it’s always really appreciated by the company staff when they are treated to something a bit special!


Our newest offer for private events!

Surprise your guests with Magical Cauldrons! Those will be perfect for birthdays, weddings etc. With minimum of 35 people You can enjoy the food straight from the cauldron, with an option of cooking it on open fire (we have special fire pit) if your venue allows it!