The name lovage and rosemary is the name of my two favorite herbs that I add to my dishes. Lovage and rosemary smell my roasted meats and, chicken and sauces.

Lovage (Levisticum officinale) grows from a thick rhizome projecting numerous lateral roots. It is a strong and aromatic fragrant perennial plant with a round, striated, hollow stem inside, reaching a height of up to 2 m. Its leaves have a dark green color, are shiny, and divided into several or several parts. In contrast, small yellow-green flowers are gathered in large umbels. In nature, it occurs in mountain meadows but is mainly obtained from crops. It blooms in July and August.

In ancient times, this unusual plant overgrown the wild areas of mountain meadows of Asia and Europe. Valued in folk tradition for many centuries as a magic plant that evokes a feeling of love and desire in a partner.

Because of the intense and expressive taste, the women introduced her to their home gardens. The landlords called the lovage a mysterious magic plant, they very often used it in dishes in small quantities as a spice. The plant of love rises out of the ground in spring. In winter its root is in the ground, but it has the gift of rapid growth and in spring it grows up to 2 meters high. When we add them to food, they will stimulate sexual, erotic and love feelings. Magic lift works on both genders.

Slavic girls weaved the lovage into wedding wreaths, hid it in their hair, or in the folds of the wedding dress, believing that it would provide them with happy life with their future husband. Sometimes, they slipped a leaf of a love herb into a wardrobe, or put dried lovage in a bag and sewed it on to the clothes of the fiancee. „that he would be drawn to the chosen one.” In Germany, girls wore his herb under a corset to charm his beloved. In France, this herb was treated as an amulet for love, a wonderful means of falling in love. Russian women wore love herb under her armor mixed her with monthly blood and sometimes boiled lovelies to drink. Sometimes they also cooked lovage in milk and gave them farmhands. Also, Lithuanians did not part with lovage leaves in the hope of gaining love. In Ukraine, however, girls had to have lovage in the garden for men to love. Mothers added to bathing your daughters with a love herb to make them successful for boys. Apparently, the strongest magical effect has lovage picked up during the full moon. To run the lovage powers, you must grate the root to powder, mix it with honey, give the chosen person to drink, and then utter a spell. from lovage should be cooked in a new pot.

In magic, every part of this plant is used: root, stem, leaves, inflorescence. Lovage can be burned in sacrifice for good love, carry dried with you, protect the household with it, and simply eat it. Lovage protects, gives courage and vigor in love, deepens and evokes real feelings, attracts love, removes sexual blockades, helps to open love for yourself and others. It attracts good and stable friends. It even helps to find a well-paid job, attracting abundance and abundance of money and prosperity

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