Street food is food that should not be treated as a daily meal. It’s an emergency snack if we’re on a trip somewhere and we don’t have our own sandwiches – for example. Above all, however, this is festival food. Works great at picnics, festivals, and recently also at weddings and corporate integration event

There is a lot of bad news about street food that is harmful, unhealthy, and similar claims.
In my opinion, these opinions should be very much centered.
First of all, nobody tells anyone to eat it every day.
Secondly, you can choose the food where we have good quality products.

Third, do not eat where it is cheapest. You should think about the quality of meat, sausage, fish, where the customer pays 1-2 pounds. The average customer does not wonder what the price of such a sandwich contains. However, this knowledge is extremely important. The price includes not only the cost of buying such a product but also the rent or payment for the possibility of selling in a given place, the cost of gas or electricity, the cost of plates, cutlery, napkins, sauces, fuel costs, often payments to employees and owners. Much? A lot. Let us return in these considerations for the price-quality ratio. If a sandwich costs a client 2 pounds and we take away all the costs I wrote about, then we have 50 – 70 pence left… What quality products can you buy in the store for it?

I hope you understand this, how important it is. The price is very important because it shows what kind of products this food seller uses. If you want to eat good quality products, don’t look for cheap, because it’s impossible. I once bought a burger for testing for little money …… My dog didn’t touch it either

So let’s remember quality goes hand in hand with price. It can’t be cheap. The price should be fair to the customer and give a fair salary to the seller. Then there is happiness for everyone.

Of course, every adult has his own mind and the right to choose. If you eat cheap feed because you save, it’s your choice. You can quickly spend these savings on medicines in pharmacies

On this page, I will be showing you promote street food dishes made by me from the best products available on the market for fair money.

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